A log cabin, sometimes known as a cottage, is a small house made of logs. More often than not, log cabins are usually less finished and have a less sophisticated structure. Therefore, finding a log cabin with structures and facilities like hot tubs. Log cabins are trendy in European cities like Yorkshire.

This is because of their historical significance in these parts. Over the years, people have moved away from the original structures of log cabins. Nowadays, you can find cabins with elements like hot tubs in some parts of Europe. Therefore, there is no better place to find architecturally sophisticated log cabins than Yorkshire. The following are some log cabins with hot tub Yorkshire;

Woodland Lake Log cabins

This facility with a cottage hot tub is based in Thirsk, Yorkshire. It is strategically located in the woodlands with fantastic lakeside views and 13 fishing laces, and deluxe accommodation properties. Woodland lake log cabins feature a mix of traditional and contemporary facilities, including a decent hot tub cottage with incredible views. These log cabins host deals of fishers all year round. All the lodges at this facility come with a veranda or balcony, and they can host from two to eight people. They offer delicious meals and drinks. The facility is also pet-friendly.


This is another cabin with hot tubs in York. The lodges at this facility can accommodate two to six people. This makes Keldy a perfect destination for couples and large families. The facility features an enchanted forest setting at the edge of the Moors National Park in North York. Keldy hosts a wide range of facilities to make its guests’ stay memorable. For instance, there is a play area for kids, a coffee lounge, and an outdoor jacuzzi ideally located in an area with sensational views for relaxation. The facility also offers spa hire services.

The Bells

The Bells is a log cabin with hot tubs hire Leeds. It is situated in the Northern region of Yorkshire, Leeds. It comes with several incredible facilities like CCTV monitoring in all common areas and outside the property, heating, fax, photocopying services, strong WiFi, and concierge service. The log cabin also offers hot tubs Leeds services. The hot tub cottage at the Bells is set in a common area where everyone can access it. The apartments in the facility can accommodate between two to four people. However, this log cabin in Leeds does not accept pets in its facility.

The Haverah Park Lodge

This is one of the best log cabins with hot tubs Harrogate. It is situated within the peaceful rural setting of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The log cabin boasts incredible and picturesque views. The cottage also welcomes solo and couple adventures. It is an ideal accommodation for people looking for a balance between exploration and relaxation. From its charming interiors to its wild surroundings, the Haverah Park Lodge has so much to offer. It is perfect for a romantic escape. It also comes with a hot tub for its clients’ relaxation. It is based outdoors, facing some of the best views the facility offers.

The Ribblesdale Park Lodges

This facility is based in Gisburn, Yorkshire. It is one of the best hot tub cottage destinations in Yorkshire and beyond. The facility offers luxurious accommodation for couples and medium to large families. It is known for its miles of scenic walks leading to the stunning coast in Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales. The park also offers a wide range of incredible facilities for a memorable holiday experience.

For instance, you can enjoy in-lodge spa treatments and massages thanks to the spa hire services. The facility also features an incredibly heated outdoor pool and some of the best foods prepared in the gourmet café. Residents can also enjoy comfort facilities like private hot tubs. They also get exclusive applications of their outdoor jacuzzis and several other extra services and facilities, which you have to pre-book. This makes it the go-to hot tub cottage in Yorkshire.

The Faweather Grande Lodges

This is an incredible hot tub log cabin in the Western region of Yorkshire. The hot tubs at this facility feature award-winning properties, like their elevated location, which gives them unparalleled views of the Woodley valley. This makes the destination an ideal place to unwind and relax. The facility features luxury lodges that can facilitate between two to eight people. This makes Faweather Grange Lodge an ideal destination for romantic retreats for couples and holidays for families.

The facility also allows its guests to have their pets with them. The lodge also offers a host of in-lodge therapy treatments. This way, guests can treat themselves to exclusive spa packages. There are also many outdoor activities guests can engage in, like country walks and helicopter rides. Most importantly. This facility is designed with the needs of the guests in mind.

Griffon Fores

The Griffon Forest log cabin is based in Flaxon, Valley of York. It is an incredible location to unwind and relax while surrounded by 100 acres of woodland in the forest. Guests can catch glimpses of wildlife around the facility. The Griffon Forest log cabin features rooms for two, four, and five people. It offers a range of incredible facilities, like modern kitchen fittings and a private raised deck with a hot tub. The hot tub cottage is based in an ideal location for enjoying the incredible views of the forest. The decks also feature sun loungers and deck chairs for relaxation and unwinding.


The above log cabins with hot tubs in Yorkshire are a few of the many options in Yorkshire and its environments. The best thing about Yorkshire is that it offers something for everyone. The cottages charge varying prices and offer similar facilities. Therefore, your budget will not limit you from enjoying some of the best facilities Yorkshire has to offer.


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