Our Hire Agreement

Hire charges, deposits & payment terms.

You must pay the hire charges shown in the hire contract. These charges will refer to the dates shown.

You must pay all charges, balance and all other charges you owe when we ask for them.

We only accept cash and debit/credit card payments. A booking deposit is required when arranging a hire date, which is non-refundable but will be deducted from the total hire charge. The balance must be paid in cash on delivery or cleared funds into the account the day before.

Please be aware, free delivery is only valid within 30 miles of BD17. Any and all milage past this will be charged at 30p per mile.


Hire Periods

The full hire period is the dates shown on the hire contract.

The first and last day of the hire period are not usage days and are solely reserved for delivery and collection.

At the end of the full hire period, goods not made available for collection will be placed back on hire for a further hire period and at the same hire charge. You must pay us the extra charges when we ask for them, to include any additional costs incurred.

The contract comes into effect when you pay the initial booking deposit and thereby agreed to keep to these conditions of the contract and we have accepted your order.


Your responsibility when hiring goods.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are confirming that the narrowest point of entry is 30 inches x 80 inches.

You must assist us in the delivery & collection at your location. You must give us clear instructions, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our people. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused.

The hirer will supply the electricity and water for the equipment in the hire period. You must make sure you have a suitable supply of electricity and it must be close to where the equipment will be placed.

The hirer will be responsible for filling the hot tub and turning it on after instructions are given on how to use the hot tub. Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire will not be responsible for filling the hot tub.

We require a flat level base to sit the hot tub on, this can be slabs, concrete, blocks, decking, grass area or any firm hard standing. 

The hirer will inspect the hot tub with the delivery driver, note and sign for any damage on the equipment. You become responsible for the goods when you receive the hired equipment – please take extra care to stop any sharp objects from being around or in the hot tub and prevent people from jumping in or on the hot tub.

You will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of the hire period, do not use or add any other chemicals to the water other than the chemicals supplied by Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire LLP. Do not add bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. Failing to comply with these instructions may cause damage to the skin or body.

The Hirer will add chemicals required to maintain the water in the hot tub and understand the risks involved in not maintaining the water as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

You must not sell or in any way give up control of the goods.

The hirer will not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs to use the equipment. The hirer will not attempt or move the equipment from the location that the owner has placed it. The hirer will not tamper or adjust any aspect of the equipment merchandise or electrics.

You will be responsible for any death, injury, loss or damage caused by the goods being misused while they are hired to you.


Electrical Goods

If any part of the goods is electrical it should be used with the original plugs and sockets fitted to it.

If the goods break down or are not working properly, you must report this to us immediately. You must not use the goods or repair them unless we have agreed otherwise.

You must tell us immediately if the goods are involved in an accident resulting in damage to the goods or other property, or injury to any person(s).

Safety instructions when hiring goods

You must make sure that everyone using the goods is properly instructed on how to use them safely and correctly and that they have all the instructions we have supplied. You must make sure the goods are not misused.

You must ensure everyone using the goods is in a sound, healthy and fit state or have the permission of their doctor where appropriate. Users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Supervision should be provided where appropriate.


Limits of our liability

All the times and dates we quote for delivering or collecting the goods are approximate. We will not be liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

If the goods break down or stop working, we will determine the problem as soon as possible, after you have reported it to us, and then try to repair or replace them as soon as is possible.

We will not be liable for any injury or damage caused to your property.

If you hire the goods for use in business, we will not be liable for any indirect loss or any loss of business or profits, savings you expect to make, wages, fees or expenses caused by the goods or any part of them breaking down or stopping working properly.

Lost, stolen, damaged or unclean hired goods.

You are responsible for looking after the goods and returning them to us in good working order as they were received.

You must pay to us the cost of replacing any goods, which are lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic repair. You should ensure the goods for the replacement cost. If you receive any monies as settlement of any claim relating to the damage or loss or theft of the goods, you must hold that money separately in trust for us and pay it to us when we ask you to. You must not negotiate any claim without permission.


Our right to access

We may enter any land or premises where we reasonably believe the goods are.

We may do this at reasonable times and after giving reasonable notice. We can only have access if we need to inspect, test, repair, service, replace or repossess the goods.


Other terms

If any term in this contract cannot be enforced or agreed then the hire of Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire LLP equipment will not be supplied.



1. All of our staff will continue to follow strict COVID guidelines and will be required to follow social distancing measure as well as washing and sanitising their hands before coming into contact with anything being delivered to our customers and wear approved face masks.

2. All of our staff will be required to have their temperature taken before starting work. If any staff member displays a raised temperature then they will be told to self isolate and will not be permitted to come back to work until proof of a negative test can be provided.

3. Should any staff member find themselves feeling unwell then they will be told to self isolate and will not be permitted to return to work until proof of a negative test can be provided.

4. All staff will work as fixed teams to reduce contact between our workforce.

5. All deliveries and collections will be contactless with no exceptions. If you would like to have your hot tub in a specific location then please send a picture of this area to us via email along with your order number. You will find your order number on any paperwork sent to you.

6. All instructions on how to use the hot tub, how to test and maintain chlorine levels will be emailed to you. This will include written instructions and videos.

7. To support you through your hire period, our landline number detailed on our Facebook page and on our website is now a 24/7 support line. Please note orders will only be taken between 7am and 7pm.

8. We will begin to ask if there is anyone who is classed as vulnerable at the address as we will take the extra steps of wearing gloves and face shields for deliveries and collections.

9. All payments will now be via credit/debit card before the arrival of your hot tub with no exceptions. We will not be accepting cash payments.

10. We may need to move your booking by no more than 1 day to allow our staff the extra time required to follow all of our guidelines during deliveries and collections. If this is the case you will be informed during the booking process (if being done over the phone) or within 48 hours of a online order. We will never adjust your booking so that you have the hot tub for less time than expected at the time of booking.


Maintenance Plans

By purchasing one of our maintenance plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) you are agreeing to us creating a continued authorised payment for the monthly amount shown when purchasing.

you are confirming that your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will automatically be charged the subscription price according to the Order summary section of this page until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time

Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire will contact you once purchased to gain all the relevant details in order for us to effectly carry out 1st class service.

Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire will advise you on first contact when our first visit to your property will be.

Should you cancel before your first visit there will be no refund.

The Orbis

Our most popular and versatile hot tub. Perfect for all weather and occasions.

The Orbis

Weekend Hire - £195

1 Week Hire - £245

2 Week Hire - £400

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The DuraSpa

The DuraSpa is our most luxurious and prestigious spa. If you’re looking for maximum relaxation and enjoyment our DuraSpa is perfect for after a long day at work, or a busy day in the garden.

The DuraSpa

1 Week Hire - £350

2 Week Hire - £700

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The QuatroSpa

Whether you’re wanting to get the family together, or you want to be the host with the most, the QuatroSpa is renowned for its ability to bring people together.

The QuatroSpa

Weekend Hire - £265

1 Week Hire - £325

2 Week Hire - £600

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